This is the online portfolio of Martin Proffitt. Now you may have come here wondering exactly what does a man like me put in his portfolio that he deems worthy of sharing with the outside world?

Well if you’ve come here looking for pretty pictures of the girl next door posing in a bikini you’ve blatantly come to the wrong place. I can however offer you a velociraptor on a bicycle which I assure you has absolutely no relevance to my portfolio in any way shape or form. Honestly, it’s not even my picture. I shamelessly stole it from from a random website linked from Google.

In reality this portfolio is a mixture of both fun and serious works. My poems can only be described as silly and at the time of writing one of my short stories is about a mouse fighting with ninja rats.

My music on this site is perhaps the most serious side of me. Each piece is a fully orchestrated monstrosity for full percussive orchestra complete with tubular bells, glockenspiel and a french horn and each piece tells its own story as can be read against the relevant pieces.

More recently I have started adding sculpture and carving to the portfolio. At the moment these are carved out of wood (mahogany, cherry and pear mainly) but in time I would hope to start adding stone and metal so watch this space.

I like to think there is something on my portfolio for everybody and if you see something you like be sure to let me know.

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