Whilst building this website, I chose to use NextGen as an album and gallery system for my photography. I also decided that the only way to view photographs is to have them take up as much screen real estate as possible. This meant utilising the plugin wp-supersized.

When galleries are organised into albums, NextGen utilises the same page to view both the album container and the individual galleries. Fantastic, however this means that wp-supersized doesn’t work effectively as it on its own needs a new page for each gallery to be attached to.

Whilst looking through the wp-supersized support forum (http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-supersized) for information relating to an XML bug, I came across a post from someone asking for a remote XML feed. This request would satisfy my issue as well so I decided to build a plugin that would do just that.

Now hosted on wordpress plugins and available at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-supersized-remote-xml/, wp-supersized-remote-xml provides an api to generate XML feeds for a particular gallery. This will allow your galleries to be shared across multiple sites.

The plugin doesn’t just handle NextGen galleries although these are the main ones I have tested however it is versatile enough to create XML files for wordpress galleries and custom galleries as well.

To access a particular gallery:

NextGen galleries:

Simply paste the feed URL into the XML tab on the page you wish the gallery to
be displayed. The gallery will become active when the plugin recognises the
“gallery=<n>” parameter NextGen automatically generates.

Alternatively you may specify the parameter directly by calling the URL as:

WordPress galleries

For a wordpress gallery to be displayed it must be published on a given page.
simply point the XML tab at http://example.com/?wp-ss-xml&wpgallery=<your_post_id>

Custom galleries

If you wish to share a custom gallery, again it must first be published.
to share it remotely paste http://example.com/?wp-ss-xml&customgallery=<your_post_id>

All options available to WP-Supersize can be over-ridden using the remote xml file
either by passing them in to the URL or posting them to the site via a form.

Example API call


For a complete list of what can be passed through as an API parameter please see the sample XML which comes with wp-supersized.


  • I have deliberately left out flickr, picasa and smugmug galleries. This is so the API keys are not shared across multiple domains.
  • A known issue exists in version 1.0 in which the use of fopen to retrieve XML for gallery display fails. This will be fixed in the next release.

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