I’m not really a great fan of Christmas but I am a fan of snow and driving through a bit of a blizzard this evening inspired me to write this.

The first snowfall of winter
Is falling in the night
In rapid, spinning flurries,
Which dance in the lamplight.

Ahead of me the roadway
Is slowly turning white
As the ice cold wind of winter
Drives snow with all its might!

The first snowfall of winter
Is settling on the hills.
Where sometime in the morning,
The children seek their thrills.

You’ll hear them scream with laughter
As the snow fights they do start.
And as you’re driving past them,
You’ll wish you could take part.

Their voices sing in unison,
Saying one thing, all the same.
“It’s not that long off Christmas.
Now Winters come again!”

They hope the snows arrival
Is a sense of things to come.
For all they want for christmas,
Is a way to have some fun.

The first snowfall of winter,
falls heavy fast and hard.
And soon the landscape changes
Into a christmas card.

So there you go. My first ever attempt at a child friendly poem about Christmas.

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