There’s monsters, there’s monsters
They’re under your bed
They come out at night
And poke at your head

The monsters, the monsters
They’re really quite rude
They broke into your fridge
And are stealing your food

The green one is eating
Your mums favourite cheese
Whilst the red one demolishes
A bowl of green peas.

The monsters, the monsters
They poke you with sticks.
And laugh long and hard
Whilst they pelt you with bricks.

The grey one has found
Your dads circular saw
And is carving a hole
Right through the back door.

The monsters, the monsters
Are causing a stir
They tickle your feet
And pull at your hair.

You’re snuggled in bed
Curled up nice and tight
Whilst the monsters dance round
And scream in delight.

The monsters, the monsters
In time they will come
To bounce on your head
And laugh at your mum.

They rip up your teddies
And gouge at the wall
Opening new doorways
From which bad things will crawl

The pink one, you know,
Looks cuter than you
As he covers your feet
In fast setting glue.

The monsters, the monsters,
They’re evil you know
And if one things for certain
They ain’t at all slow.

For when daylight comes
And the house comes alive
They’re back under your bed
Where all monsters thrive.

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