Are you really magical?
Or are you just a loon…
Asked the piper to the fairy
As he danced another tune.

“I’ll turn your feet to ashes”
She retorted real quick
“If you ever call me mad again;
Your actions, they ain’t slick”

He looked at her in worry
As he dwelled on what she said
Then slowly and deliberatly
He gently shook his head.

“You’ll not do that you crazy girl.
For there’s one thing you should know.
Using magic in these parts,
Is sure to make it snow”.

“I’m sure its done that recently”
She replied with eyes afright.
“For look thee out the window pane.
The world is turning white”.

They stood and stared out at the world
Their noses on the glass.
But when they tried to move away
They found they had stuck fast.

So remember to be careful
When the outside turns to ice.
Instead of jumping into things,
Just think about it twice!

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