First a brew then off to bed.
I really should be tired.
The day’s been long, the works been hard
but honestly I’m wired.

A cup of joe, a cig and food
then curl up with my cat.
An hours rest then back to work
it’s as simple as all that.

Tomorrow is another day
that’s filled with times like this
no matter what gets thrown at me
A brick, a ball, a kiss.

I may get tired, I may get stressed,
I love it all the same.
the job gets done and I have fun
as I put you all to shame.

And later in the eventide
when all the work is done,
I’ll go out and forget it all
with a litre of dark rum.

For Friday brings the weekend,
Two days all of my own.
But come round Monday morning,
my time goes back on loan.

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