How Amelia slew the goblin kings is intended to be a full feature length story written entirely in verse. Since January I’ve been stuck after writing approximately 80 verses.

Instead of waiting until the whole thing is complete I’ve now decided to share the first part of the story with you all in the vague hope that by doing so, it will kick-start my brain into gear and allow me to write the second part of the tale.

This first part of the story introduces Amelia and leads her on a journey to the fairy palace by way of Gnome hall which fits inside a toadstool.

How Amelia slew the goblin kings

Amelia awoke
with a piercing scream,
from the horrific vision
of a nightmare dream;
where ahead of her awaits
with a glare that stings,
the frightening form
of the goblin kings.

There are three of them that reign
on their blood red gilded thrones.
Their armies flood the plains
as they gnaw upon the bones
of the creatures that they slew
in a devastating war,
which spread from eastern hills
to the far great western shore.

The first of these is Dreadfang;
a real horrid piece of work.
In deepest cracks and shadows,
this goblin king does lurk.
He earned his reputation,
as an evil, vile beast,
and once the blood rage takes him,
this goblin will not cease.

The next of them is Sickgut,
he’s the fat one from the south,
whose face is full of venom
and a nasty crooked mouth.
He dwells in slimy cavern
but he rarely will emerge,
yet when he does all creatures hide
from this nasty woodland scourge.

Lastly there is Darktongue,
a warlock by his trade;
his home is in the swampland
where rotten flesh decayed.
The stench it travels with him
no matter where he goes
and it requires his evil conjuring
to keep his army on its toes.

The goblins are united
in the terror that they wrought
on the armies of the woodland
now the fairies are distraught.
For nothing does remain there
of their once outstanding land,
which stretched from o’er the mountains
to the oceans golden sand.

They had flooded from the north
in a murderous of rage.
The ferocious weight of anger
which the fairies failed to gauge
as they mustered up their forces
to meet this fearsome foe
in a battle that would darken
even moonlights silver glow.

For several days it lasted
as they struggled back and forth.
But slowly ground was gathered
as the goblins showed their worth.
They are masters of this warfare
of struggle, fear and strife,
and it’s all the goblins know
because it infiltrates their life.

Now the woodland creatures
they have fled from blood soaked hill,
the burnt and blackened forest
where their bodies smoulder still.
But in the midst of all the murder,
which does all around here lay;
is a momentary glimmer
of a master at swordplay.

Amelia cried in anguish
at the horror she had seen
and resolved that no more blood
would be shed upon this scene.
Then upon the resolution
that was found within her heart,
she gathered up her armour
and vowed to make a start.

She went to find a blacksmith
and demand a brand new blade,
as the one that she had previous
had unfortunately been unmade.
For three whole days he hammered
in a forge of dragons breath
then the folded steel was polished
and inscribed upon it death.

Armed with her sword and armour
(and bow and arrow too)
she set out on her journey
on the route that the crow flew.
The march would not be painless;
as she trekked o’er hill and dale
but Amelia was relentless
and the hero of this tale.

As she walked along a footpath
which did follow winding stream,
she thought she heard a rustle
from a creature yet unseen.
Then shortly from the bracken
which did grow along the road
appeared a tiny pixie,
on the way to his abode.

For a moment he paused, startled,
before recovering his compose;
then rose upon his haunches,
as if it would impose.
“You there, what’s the reason
that you trespass on my home,
and wherefore doest thou venture,
are you off to meet the gnome?”

Amelia stared right back at him
as she thought about his ask.
The question that he posed,
was not related to her task.
But as she mulled it over,
a thought now did occur.
‘What if there were more of them,
with whom she could confer?’

“Who is this gnome you speak of?”
She asked the little man,
whose hat was tilted jauntily
and whose skin was a deep tan.
“Is he someone who can help me,
in the purpose of my quest,
or would he only hinder now
the state of my conquest?”

“What invasion are you making,
in the light of this dark time?”
The pixie asked in earnest
as his voice did ping and chime..
“For if you tell the truth of what
the wherefore thou doest go,
I may be able to serve you,
long before the winter snow”.

“Winter? It is months away!”
Amelia did exclaim.
“But I’m off to help the fairies
to extinguish goblin flame”.
“For the horror that I witnessed,
in my dream of some nights passed,
should never have been befallen
and I’m sure it will not last”.

“Around here winter’s certain
since the fairies cruel demise”.
The pixie looked forlorn at this,
and stared up at the skies.
“That goblin warlock saw to that,
For summer he does hate.
Now I really must be getting on
because it really is quite late”.

Amelia looked towards the sun,
which was setting pretty fast.
Then realised what time it was,
the daylight would not last.
“So where’s this gnome you mentioned?
Is he near or far away?
Is he friendly or impossible?
Do you think he’ll let me stay?”

“What exactly are you asking?
Stay? For just how long?
I thought you’re on a journey
and the makings of a song”.
The pixie was perplexed by this
and wondered what she meant.
Was she thinking of deserting
after all the time she’d spent?

She laughed out in amusement
at the pixies concerned face.
(The problem is with pixies,
is they really don’t do grace).
“No, no, no you silly man.
It’s only for the night.
To rest my weary head and sleep.
Do you really think I might?”

Her body was exhausted,
the day it had been stale.
Hours and hours of marching,
they made for a dull tale.
With feet that ached from walking,
she had blisters on her nose.
To make it worse, the wind did howl,
as if a storm arose.

“Come with me oh warrior queen”,
the pixie he did say.
“I’ll take you over yonder,
to where the gnomes do play”.
Then sticking to his promise
he set off down the lane,
Amelia trailing after him
her feet on fire with pain.

Just before Amelia
could no longer keep the pace,
A gnome jumped out and scared her
and then vanished without trace.
“Hello my dear, you’re welcome”.
A hidden voice did say.
“Are you here to help the fairies?
Will you chase the dark away?”

Then slowly from the hedgerow,
a great white beard emerged.
Then arms and legs and torso,
they one by one converged.
“Where is my head?
Oh there’s my foot.
A hand, a belt, a shoe.
And over there’s the other one.
I’m guessing that makes two?”

The gnome he stood and counted,
the bits of him out loud.
then gently dusted off his clothes
and looked at her and bowed.
“You must be Amelia.
We’re expecting you to come.
But aren’t you slightly late this time?
Quickly, we must run!”

Before she’d time to answer
the tiny gnomes short speech.
he suddenly disappeared again,
like sunshine at the beach.
“Hurry now Amelia.
You’re holding up the dance.
Come now, you’ll be late again.
You don’t want to miss this chance”.

Amelia was bewildered.
What on earth was she to do?
Her tiredness had left her
like evaporating dew.
Then as she turned the corner,
(the pixie by her side)
a swarm of gnomes they scattered
like Zebra from the pride.

All around the garden,
which really was kept well,
lay barrow, rod and garden tools,
all signs of where gnome dwell.
“Are you coming in my girl?”
The first gnome he did call
and opened up a doorway
out into a toadstool hall.

“I doubt I’ll fit inside that thing,
it’s smaller than my foot.”
Amelia looked down at the gnome
whose face was black with soot.
His great white beard looked grey with age
as it wobbled on his chin.
His reply was curt but amiable
and his smile became a grin.

“Of course you will you silly girl,
You’re thinking it all wrong.
If what’s outside can’t fit in here,
Then inside’s out and out slides long!”
As if it understood his words,
the toadstool it did grow
and all around Amelia,
the ground did start to flow.

Shortly things did settle,
back into their normal place.
But now Amelia did fit inside
with ample breathing space.
She stared around with wonder,
at the toadstools famous hall.
Which hosted dance and banquet feast,
and occasional masked ball.

“Come now miss Amelia,
It’s time to get you fed.
But first some rest, I would presume?
Unless I am misled?”
The gnome, he led her down the hall,
and through another room.
Where steaming bath did fill the air,
with scent of strong perfume.

When the girl was rested
and cleansed right to the soul,
the gnomes did throw a party,
which escalated from control.
Then slowly miss Amelia
did begin to understand;
Her arrival was the centre
of a prophecies demand.

In time our hero spoke in depth
of the reason she had come,
the gnomes they listened earnestly
intertwined with drinking rum.
And when the dream, narrated,
had reached its bitter end,
they talked of all the ways that they
might help their new found friend.

The next day as the sun did rise
Amelia woke up late.
She looked out of the toadstool
and across the gnomes estate.
The landscape was well tended
the garden quite well kept
a tiny slice of paradise
stretching to where badger slept.

Below her from the kitchen
a gorgeous smell arose
of deep fried egg and chutney
that wafted up her nose.
She made her way back down the stair
out to the dining place.
Where gnomes were feasting merrily
and enjoying foods embrace.

“Amelia hi, come try this bread.
These eggs, they are divine.
This cranberry sauce is marvellous
if you wash it down with wine”.
She stared back at the tiny gnome
who offered her some cheese,
then sat down at the table
without even asking ‘please’.

The gnomes they looked in wonder
as Amelia did dig in.
There were croissants and cakes and strawberry jam
which dribbled down her chin.
She dragged her hand across her mouth
then belched quite proudly too
as the gnomes watched in astonishment
and wondered if she’d chew?

After she had broke her fast
and quenched her thirst with juice
she looked up at the gnome
to which she’d first been introduced.
“So are you going to help me
to continue what is started?
Or do I go off on my own?
Are you going to be faint hearted?”

The gnome stood up and looked at her,
his name, if you care is Filmac Stormspark.
He might be small in stature
but he had the attitude of a shark.
He really was not that well pleased
by the suspicion of being weak,
the reply that came was short and sharp,
and slightly tongue in cheek.

“Amelia if you ever question again
my own, and my friends desire,
to rid the world of goblin men
and drive them from the shire.
I will hunt and whip you up the hill
from whence thou didst begin.
And when you think you’ve had enough
I will punch you in the shin”.

Amelia laughed out loud at this
the thought it did amuse her.
The very concept of a gnome
that threatened to abuse her?
Instead she donned her cloak and shoes,
packed up her bow and armour,
then slung her sword across her back
before the gnome could harm her.

“Come on my friends, we must set off
before we lose the light”.
Amelia, she was itching now
and desperate for a fight.
And as she left the toadstool hall
an army by her side
Amelia felt quite confident,
her heart was filled with pride.

For several days the march went on
through woodland, forest, plain and marsh
and as they journeyed further north
the weather turned quite harsh.
Bracing herself against the wind
Amelia she turned to the gnome
“We shouldn’t have much more to walk
before we reach the fairy home”.

She’s right of course, it’s not that far
guided by light of shining star
for over there the fairies live
and Amelia felt quite positive.
She could feel a twinkling of delight
in aiding in the fairies plight.
Tomorrow she would finally meet them
ending now the goblin mayhem.

That night they slept out in a cave
and sheltered from the storm.
Despite the weathers howling wail
Amelia felt quite warm.
As the fire died back down
to a gentle warming glow,
she found she was quite comfortable
as the rain turned into snow.

Throughout the hours of darkness,
the blizzard raged and wind did shriek.
It wouldn’t be until morning light
that the terrible storm would reach its peak.
As Amelia and the gnomes woke up
to a world turned white by ice and frost,
the gnomes turned to Amelia
and asked if they were really lost.

For they had never seen the snow,
for them the seasons stayed the same.
Summer showers and sunlights kiss,
a gentle breeze they did now miss.
The tenderness of springs fresh blossom,
yet winter, it was long forgotten.
They’d only heard of autumns glow,
But winter they did never know.

Yet now its rage upon them came,
the icy cold and blustery air.
The frost that turned their faces white,
that chilled their toes and froze their hair.
Across the wasteland to the north,
the goblin warlock mustered forth,
the polar wind and arctic blast
guided to them by goblin craft.

Despite the harshness of the storm,
Amelia marched on with intent.
Across the fields of snow filled plain
they searched for where the fairies went.
As darkness fell and storm died down
and through the flurries of frozen rain
which danced and shimmered all around,
they finally glimpsed a fairy thane.

It lasted but a moment
then the fairy, he was gone,
But Amelia, she had seen him
and quickly she raced on.
Then up ahead there, more of them
did wait at start of woodland dell
where snow and ice and winter
were held back by fairy spell.

Towards them, one approached the group
marching through the freezing cold,
and as they drew to meeting point,
the fairies wings they did unfold.
“Hello there Filmac, is that you?”
The gnome, it was clear, the fairy knew.
“Come in and shelter from the storm
our house you know, it is quite warm”.

“But who’s the girl you have in tow?
with armour, arrow, sword and bow.
A well dressed warrior, kitted out to kill.
Is it goblin blood she has come to spill?”
The fairy studied Amelia with care,
examining every inch with a piercing glare.
He poked and prodded and measured up the lass
carefully considering if she could pass.

“Ash Yarrowtwist you scamp,
leave Amelia alone!”
The fairy, to his horror
found he was shouted at by gnome.
“This here is Amelia,
the hero come to save
all the woodland creatures
from an ice cold, dreary grave.”.

Despite the gnomes conviction,
the fairy was not sure
that Amelia would be able
to drive the goblins from their door.
To him it did not matter
that she held a nice new sword.
For he did not believe Amelia
would ever face the goblin horde.

Ignoring for the moment
the apprehension that he felt;
Ash guided the gnome army
to the place where fairy dwelt.
The path they took was hidden
deep in bramble, fern and moss;
until they reached a river
that the army had to cross.

“At this point we must wait a while”.
Ash turned to face the group in tow.
“Before we try and cross the flood
of melting ice and water-flow”.
For even with the fairy spell
that protected them from sleet and snow
the river was swollen to a torrent
and it did need somewhere to go.

Amelia looked down at the water
moving swiftly through the glen.
The whirling, swirling torrid furor
which raced away from goblin men.
But in the murky depths below
Amelia glimpsed of future things.
Of madness and a reign of terror,
under rule of goblin kings.

The vision seized Amelia
who collapsed onto the ground.
It was only a few small inch of turf
which saved her from being drowned.
As the gnomes, in shock did drag her back
from the edge of mighty river flood,
the fairy ground some fir cones up
and plastered her face with a layer of mud.

“The mud and fir will hold it at bay.
although for how long I can’t be sure.
We must get her quickly to my home
and far away from goblin lure”
The fairy he looked worried,
his face was white with fear
for a spell inside the fairy shield
meant a goblin must be pretty near.

“What’s happened to Amelia?”
The gnome was rightly scared.
For he had never met a girl
about whom so much he cared.
As he looked upon her sleeping form
and wondered how he could assist,
around the group began to form
a dank and wet dark mist.

“Quickly, we must hurry!”
Ash called out to the gnome.
“We must get across this river
and reach the fairy home.
We can’t stay here until this clears,
if we do, it will be too late.
For the spell that drives this mist to us
was cast by mighty goblin hate.

As gnomes and fairies scurried all around
and wondered how they could cross,
Amelia lay in visions grip,
her mind was quite at loss.
Far to the north the goblin horde
gathered strength for one last thrust,
the kings demand a final stand
to sate their terrible, warlike lust.

Amelia floated high above
the dreadful goblin lair
and watched as they did slave away
under savage watchmen’s glare.
There, armorers formed hook and bill
and mace and axe and chain;
there were morning star and shuriken,
all instruments of pain.

Moving on, she circled down
to where goblin warlock waits
for Amelias’ soul to pass this way
and into dire straits.
As she passed into his cell,
a gate crashed down behind her,
trapping miss Amelia
where goblin could now find her.

With an evil laugh the warlock
bound Amelia in a spell
from whence there will be no escape
and Amelia knows this well.
For three whole days she waited,
chained up against the wall,
whilst the goblin works his magic
to cast the worst spell of them all.

She can hear the goblins mumbling
from the corner of the room,
the words of fear and horror
bringing forth from goblin tomb,
creatures of the darkest realm
the worst of demons, at whose sight
the bravest souls on earth above
would surely take their flight.

Outside is a commotion
and screams for warlock blood,
and shortly on the heavy door
came a loud, resounding thud.
“Darktongue get your hide out here
and answer to your mate”.
The voice, which sounded angry
was filled with rage and hate.

“Why is the girl you have in there
tied to the wall in chains
instead of roasting o’er a fire
and from her, life being drained?
Your friends demand some answers,
and we have a right to know,
why from this girl Amelia
you have nothing yet to show?”

In answer, Darktongues whiny voice
did squeak and groan reply
that if he pushed Amelia more
it was likely she would die.
And that would surely undermine
the chance they could find out
how the fairies and the woodland folk
intended to, the goblins rout.

Whilst the warlock was distracted
Amelia tugged against the chain.
She could feel her bindings coming loose
and her striving was not in vain.
For suddenly the wall did crumble
as if the stone was rotten through.
With that Amelia turned and ran
and from the goblins, flew.

As Amelia began to stir
and opened up her eyes,
she could hear the gnomes and fairy
and a pixies forlorn cries.
Wondering just where she was,
she sat up and looked around
The room where she was laid in bed
was really quite profound.

She gazed around in wonder
at the gilded fairy palace,
the room it was quite beautiful
and draped with silk and lace.
Above her was a mirror
which reflected golden light
that streamed in through the window
and made the room seem bright.

The door cracked open, just enough
for a fairy to sneak in.
Amelia watched the sprightly form
of the fairy named Eldwin.
“You’re awake my dear, it’s about time too,
that you got up out of bed.
You had us worried, we could not break
the spell the goblin read”.

Amelia laughed as Eldwin danced
around the room with glee.
He was obviously overjoyed
and jumped up on her knee.
“I’m Eldwin, I’m the fairy king
We were told that you would come.
now get thee up and out of bed,
lets go and have some fun.”

With that, the fairy disappeared
back out the way he came
while Amelia got up out of bed
and shortly did the same.
Her amazement, it continued
at the sight of fairy home
as Eldwin lead her down the stair
to join pixie, elf and gnome.

They sat out on a marble dais
which looked o’er waterfall
discussing all the different ways
they would end the goblins rule.
To drive them out they knew that they
could not do it by themselves
and called the woodland creatures
to help pixie, fairies, gnomes and elves.

Go fetch the badgers, mice and vole,
stoat and otters, bring them all.
Hedgehog, weasel, robin and sparrow,
drag the mole from under his barrow.
Call in the fox, the squirrel and the rat,
the hare, the rabbit, the beaver and the cat.
All of these creatures, they must help save woodland glen
from the terrible war wrought by nasty goblin men.

With the proclamation
that was made upon this day
to call the woodland creatures
to help, the goblins slay,
Amelia looked up at her friends
who were gathered round the table
and knew that each and every one
would help where they were able.

For in their eyes shone anger
at the war the goblin men
had brought upon the woodland
and the lands they stole from them.
They longed to return to ocean coast,
and shimmering pebbled sand,
which stretched for golden mile on mile,
from mountain peak to south lakeland.

The fairies knew Amelia
would be waiting quite a while
for the army she was building
to form up, rank and file.
They also knew Amelia
would be wanting to depart,
to go and find the goblin camp
and in battle there, take part.

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