Theres a reason we warn you of danger
Its no laughable state of affair.
The heat of an oven will burn you
A motor will tangle your hair.

A car, it will flatten and crush you.
A train it will squish you and more.
You’ll lie on the track there in pieces
All covered in blood, guts and gore.

Kettles and pans they will scald you.
Boilers are dangerous too.
A fire can scar you forever,
And that simply will never do.

Be wary, the contents of bottles.
Are not always what they might seem.
If you don’t know whats in that container,
It might be a bucket of steam.

Think fast before crossing that highway.
That bus, it is travelling too quick.
And there on the road where you’re standing
Is a dangerous black oil slick.

It’ll tarnish the wheels of that transport
And prevent it from stopping in time.
And before you can ask `whats for dinner’,
They’ll be burying your body in slime.

So be careful, and if ever uncertain,
Then all you should do is just ask.
Its better to be safe than be sorry
Or mums taking you home in a flask.

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