Abi was the first to come
And Ruth she followed later
The two of them together
Are more deadly than a ‘gator.

Their cuteness is unrivelled
like paintings on a wall.
The problem is their voices
A dreadful whining drawl.

Abi’s learning torture.
By beating up her dad.
She finds it quite amusing
But it makes her mummy sad.

Ruth she is a terrible child.
A regular little brat.
Who finds her entertainment
Throwing sparrows at the cat.

The pair have found their forté
Nailing puppies to a tree.
Hunting rabbits, otters, pigs and stoat,
On a right old killing spree.

Abi’s had enough of this,
And pulls her sisters hair.
Ruth she shrieks in agony
And throws Abi down the stair.

Abigail you hurt me'
Ruth, she wails in vain.
The pitch it is unearthly
And shatters window pane.

You started it’ her sibling calls
From the bottom of the house.
But Ruth she isn’t listening.
She’s gone as quite as a mouse.

For there outside the window
Is a bear with deep black hide.
She smacks her lips and licks them
As she imagines it deep fried.

`Abi come and help me,
Catch this monster of a beast’.
Ruth has hunger in her eyes
She wants to have a feast.

The pair go out a hunting
Armed with trident, nets and gun.
Forgetting all the anguish
In the face of all this fun.

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