I dreamed of you last night
And it gave me a fright

We were drinking coffee
And shooting the breeze
And watching the birds
Burn down the trees.
And watching a cat
Converse with a rat.
And watched as the quail
Laughed at the snail.

We watched as a mouse
Bulldozed a house,
And watched as the dog
Wrote it down in his blog.
An elephant was there,
It gave me a scare…
For at that point the weasel
Captured the hare.

I dreamed of you last night
And it was bizarre
For at that point the hedgehog
Flattened a car
A rabbit was chasing the lions tail.
And the cockerel, well he ate
A large blue whale.

What happened to the dragon
Nobody knows
Last time I saw him
He was coming to blows
With a rather small goldfish
Which swam through the air
I didn’t believe it
But that’s how it were.

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