The first in the series for tuned percussion, let it ring is written for solo tubular bells.

The piece starts out quite slowly. The resonant sound of a church bell calling out over the countryside for the parishioners to gather before breaking into a glorious peal. “My friends, hearken unto me. The day is upon you. Let us give thanks for that which the good Lord has granted you on this day”. Its song a call to action, an awakening. “Take heed. Awaken from your slumber. Go out and care for your crops and let us together enjoy the day in all its splendor”.

Nestled in the trees on the southern side of Castle hill, is the little country church of St Lucius, located in the picturesque village of Farnley Tyas which formed the inspiration for this piece. Its solitary melody singing out over the cool early morning air in the mid summer of 2001 as I enjoyed an early morning stroll around what used to be the south eastern ramparts of the ancient hill fort which once dominated the countryside overlooking Huddersfield and its surrounding area.

As I listened, the bell was interrupted with birdsong offering trill harmony to the brazen shout ringing out over the countryside. To the east of me the sun was rising streaking the horizon with gold and red as its light brought the lush green meadows and pastures to life. I watched as rabbits gamboled and played in the field, a horse trotted round its pasture and I could hear the hearty throb of a tractor starting up as the farmer sets off out to cultivate his lands.

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