Inspired by the views over Huddersfield and the surrounding area, from the base of Jubilee tower, situated on top of castle hill where I spent the summer of 2001 walking.

Construct and Creation is written for tuned percussion and strings and formed a major turning point in my compositional style. No longer would my music be fully orchestrated dark symphonic masses such had appeared in my previous (unpublished) “Gate Cycle”, Now my music takes on a lighter note dictated by the ringing sounds of vibraphone and celesta, strings and harp.

The piece starts out with percussive, driving rhythm played out on the upper strings. Overlaid onto this, vibraphone dance, their individual melodies bouncing off one another to form new and more complex layers as the basses drive the piece onwards before the piece breaks into its primary song.

This piece pays homage to the industriousness of Huddersfield. When it was written, The Kingsgate shopping centre was still under construction and the town would be alive with the ringing sound of steel on steel as it was carried out on the mid morning breeze.

The vantage point on the top of castle hill offers a clear picture of this as you look down over the town and watch the traffic scurry around the roads and backstreet’s. An army of workers, each on their own yet all moving to the same song.

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