In an effort to get me blogging more and actually make use of my site, a complete rebuild has been necessary.

My previous website, written in Joomla had become unweildy and difficult to maintain. It was also hard to use as a blog and next to impossible to use for a photoblog which is part of what I am looking for.

As a result of this I have chosen to rebuild the website in WordPress, plaster big images everywhere and try and make it look cool. (note, if you’re viewing this site on a phone try turning it sideways and reloading the page, it looks nicer). I still need to tidy up the layout for mobile devices and there is next to no chance of me supporting Internet Explorer, which is cool, demographics say nobodies using that browser on my site anyway. Well, apart from my Dad that is.

So anyway, I’ve cut the content down a bit, got rid of a few sections which were never being used.

I’ll be tweaking the site over the next week or so whilst I bring it to perfection and will try and add new content on a more regular basis, whether it be new stories, technical posts or poetry so be sure to check back regularly 🙂

Hope you like the new look site!

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