We all have things we should “do more” of.

For me its a combination of “I should blog more”, “I should research new technologies more”, “I should write more”… Actually, when I think about it, as I’m sure it is for all of you, this list is endless.

Back in 2007 I started writing a book. In the first month I got to chapter 21. Since then I have written 4 chapters. At that rate, the entire Amazon rainforest would have had time to completely regenerate itself by the time I got to the end of section 3. (my goal was 4 sections with approx 25-30 chapters per section).

The question is, do I scrap the idea altogether and stick to murdering trees for art or should I stick at it, try get past section 1 by September and then murder trees for literature?

For those wanting a sneak peak at the kind of crap I wrote in the book, well Chapter 1 is actually online and can be read at http://www.jitsc.co.uk/portfolio/literature/fragments/introducing-johnny

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